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FEEDBACK from Savita Nargundmath, who started her new job at G2 Ocean 3. January 2020.

Oppdatert: 17. feb. 2020

Thank you for the opportunity provided and for believing in me. Getting this dream job would not have been possible without your help.

I am delighted to share my experience with the process of getting this job.

To my luck, I found a job posting on LinkedIn by Silver Lining IT. The job description was crisp and suited my profile, so I dropped in my CV to Silver Lining IT (SL) team.

I got a quick response from the SL team and the further process of the interview procedure was thoroughly described. They were always available to reach out to for any doubts.

The procedure was as follow:

1. Truls from SL team had a quick screening round with me. The screening round was to introduce myself, my aspirations and my motivation for the applied role. He also explained me about the job role. It was a great experience and the result was a summary in a word document to be presented to the client.

2. Second round was with the client. It was a technical round of Interview, and the client probed me to know more about my technical expertise and previous customer experiences.

3. After I was shortlisted in the second round, the SL team arranged a feedback call and provided tips to perform better in further round of interviews. The SL team feedback helped me gain further confidence.

4. Next, there was a web-based personality test and a hands on technical skill test conducted by the client. After a positive feedback I was cleared for the final round.

5. The final round was the round to showcase myself. The SL teams' feedback and improvement tips helped me tackle the interview seamlessly.

6. Later I was delighted to have got the job offer and SL team helped with all the official procedures too.

In all the interviews with the client I was accompanied with a representative from the SL team. This was very a great help and insurance.

Thank you so much Silver Lining IT for helping me get my dream job as a BI front-end developer.😊

I would highly recommend the SL team for the people searching for job. They understand the capabilities of candidates and will help finding a perfect job for them.

Thank you, and best regards from Savita

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